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Thinking of acquiring real estate? That’s very exciting!
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Our REAL ESTATE Services

Buying real estate can either be the best investment you’ve ever made…or the worst. You definitely don’t want to approach this life-changing decision without the right representation on your side.

Whether you’re buying real estate, selling property, or renting, having a reputable real estate law attorney on your side can ensure your investment pays off.


Here are some services we offer to clients:

We will draft your affidavits for closing.
We will draft or review your Bill of Sale for closings.
Vendor, contractor, or employee contracts
We will draft or review your closing documents.
Keep up with minutes and yearly filings.
We will review or draft your contracts.
Want to transfer your property? We will help you.

We set you on the right track to protect your investment.

Questions about your lease? We can answer them.
Residential or commercial lease review.
We will keep all your meeting minutes.
We will draft or review your Letter of Intent.
Make sure you understand your mortgage terms.
We will draft or review your note.
Exercise or waive your Right of First Refusal.
We will draft or obtain your Satisfaction of Mortgage.
Make sure your title is clean.

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